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3:35 In the finale of the cartoon about tanks for children, the monster was forced to flee with its tail curled. The green tank was already celebrating the victory, but the enemy managed to hide in the magic portal. To be continued. 0:23 Then in the animation about tanks online, the steel monster tank got […]

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Handy-Andy (worried): Yes, MajorHarry! Noway! I’mcoming! They jump fast into the car and drive away. Police station. Major Harry (indignation): We’ve received the information about that mysterious scientist. However, someone crept into the Station, checked all cameras and deleted all information! Emmy (worried): One of two things … .ither there was a leak of information […]

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Major Harry (on a radio) (in indignation): Theyaregoingtoorganizeanescapeforprisoners! We need to stop it immediately! Handy-Andy (decisive): I’m going to cope with it! Megamaxarrivestotheareafrom wheretheray is directed and begins to go down. Professor (grimly): Noway … is that Handy-Andyhere … Nowwearegoingtofryhim! Ha-ha-ha-ha! TheyrayisdirectedtoMegamaxnow. Itlostitsbackpart. Megamaxstartstofalldown. Handy-Andy (horrified): Oh, no! I’mgoingtofalldown. I need to catapult fast! Professor […]

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Emmy Hello my friends! I’m Emmy, and this is my friend Handy-Andy! Handy-Andy (happy). It’s a great day today! Emmy and I learned how to control the air balloon. It’s going to be our first flight today! The fire appears in the ball and it starts to go up. Handy-Andy and Emmy are flying in […]

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The assistant approaches the door, unbends the bars, opens the door. Emmy (discouraged): She’s incredibly strong, like for a girl! Major Harry (discouraged): A man can not open these doors … Handy-Andy (grimly): Well, then everything converges … She does not radiate heat … Handy-Andy (calm): Emmy, geomagnetic storms are a scientific fact. (further behind […]

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The road in the forest, the truck is going (show it from the front and then camera from the air (on top) – to show how it goes on the road and there are trees from both sides. Razer is driving the truck and Rocko is sitting beside him Car movies for children full movie. […]

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Handy-Andy (frustrated): Yes, the steering wheel is gone! Emmy (vexation): I’m not about the steering wheel? The telescope is gone! Major Harry (alarm): We need to transfer the rest of the things to the vault, and find the missing in the hot pursuit. Major, Emmy and Handy-Andy approach the storage door with things. Major dials […]

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Handy-Andy (puzzled):Yes. Therearereallymorefireworksnow. I’msurethatthoseonesaremine! Butthese 5…don’tunderstand. Ok, let’slaunchoneofthemandwe’llsee. They set fire to a burglar and go away. Fireworks explodes on the background of the night sky. It’s very beautiful. Emmy (delight):It’sjustamazing! Handy-Andy (amazed):Yeh, it was so beautiful! Greenskullwithslicksappearonthesky – that thrown firework exploded. The green parts of the skull do not scatter fly to the […]

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Handy-Andy, Emmy and Officer are going in the car and listening to the announcement on the radio. Big Truck kids. Emmy (worried):Are we going to be in time before the start of the race? I wanted to take part in it! Officer (confidently): Sure! We will go to the police station first and then I […]

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Speaker: City authorities have created a website where everyone can leave a wish for improving the city! We are waiting for your letters! In Emmy’s room. Cartoon Police cars for children. Emmy (delight): What a great idea Major Harry came up with! This site! Police Car for kids. Handy-Andy (fun): Yes, now we will have […]