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Officer (loud). You scared us so much! We thought that bandits kidnapped you! Handy-Andy. We almost despaired to find you! However, Megamax fell down in a right spot! Emmy Hello my friends! I’m Emmy, and this is my friend Handy-Andy! Handy-Andy (happy). It’s a great day today! Emmy and I learned how to control the […]

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Handy-Andy (worried): Yes, MajorHarry! Noway! I’mcoming! They jump fast into the car and drive away. Police station. Major Harry (indignation): We’ve received the information about that mysterious scientist. However, someone crept into the Station, checked all cameras and deleted all information! Emmy (worried): One of two things … .ither there was a leak of information […]

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Hi, Just doing their job on the streets day and night. Police trucks and cruisers and fast motor bikes. Sounding their sirens and flashing their lights. Just doing their job, yeah, they’re doing it right! Kids LOVE these songs about trucks and work vehicles! Sing along as you watch these Police Vehicles in action. Chotu […]

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Major Harry (alarm): We need to transfer the rest of the things to the vault, and find the missing in the hot pursuit. Major, Emmy and Handy-Andy approach the storage door with things. Major dials the code. They go inside. There’s all kinds of things and gold. Major Harry (confidently): Here they will be safe. […]

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Major Harry (on a radio) (in indignation): Theyaregoingtoorganizeanescapeforprisoners! We need to stop it immediately! Handy-Andy (decisive): I’m going to cope with it! Megamaxarrivestotheareafrom wheretheray is directed and begins to go down. Professor (grimly): Noway … is that Handy-Andyhere … Nowwearegoingtofryhim! Ha-ha-ha-ha! TheyrayisdirectedtoMegamaxnow. Itlostitsbackpart. Megamaxstartstofalldown. Handy-Andy (horrified): Oh, no! I’mgoingtofalldown. I need to catapult fast! Professor […]

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👍 We recommend you to watch: Police car Dump Truck Watwr falling Friendly Ghost Repairs Toy Trains Music used in video 1. St. Anne’s Reel by Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum 2. Billy in the Lowground by Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum Igo Tumblr #police #cars #forkids #policecar #toys […]

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Officer: Major, we surveyed half the city – but nothing suspicious was found! Major Harry (thoughtfully): Hmmm … Yeah … Major Harry (on the radio) (worried): Handy-Andy, do you see anything? Handy-Andy (thoughtfully): No, maybe we made a mistake … Officer: Wait, Major, but what is this? Major Harry (exclamation): Ah! Can not be! Major […]

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Some ruin. Assistantmovesmirrorsonthewheels. She is trying to make the corridor with a slope to one side. Weseeprofessorfromhisback. Hehasabigbluesapphireinhishands. Professor (impatiently): Abitto the left! Thenextoneistotheright. No. To 5 degrees! Herewego! Assistant Irma (freakishly): Maybe now you can tell me your plan? Professor (ominously): I will when it is the right time. Demonic laughter Police station. Major […]

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The assistant approaches the door, unbends the bars, opens the door. Emmy (discouraged): She’s incredibly strong, like for a girl! Major Harry (discouraged): A man can not open these doors … Handy-Andy (grimly): Well, then everything converges … She does not radiate heat … Handy-Andy (calm): Emmy, geomagnetic storms are a scientific fact. (further behind […]

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The road in the forest, the truck is going (show it from the front and then camera from the air (on top) – to show how it goes on the road and there are trees from both sides. Razer is driving the truck and Rocko is sitting beside him Car movies for children full movie. […]