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Handy-Andy (worried): Yes, MajorHarry! Noway! I’mcoming! They jump fast into the car and drive away. Police station. Major Harry (indignation): We’ve received the information about that mysterious scientist. However, someone crept into the Station, checked all cameras and deleted all information! Emmy (worried): One of two things … .ither there was a leak of information […]

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Some ruin. Assistantmovesmirrorsonthewheels. She is trying to make the corridor with a slope to one side. Weseeprofessorfromhisback. Hehasabigbluesapphireinhishands. Professor (impatiently): Abitto the left! Thenextoneistotheright. No. To 5 degrees! Herewego! Assistant Irma (freakishly): Maybe now you can tell me your plan? Professor (ominously): I will when it is the right time. Demonic laughter Police station. Major […]

Police Car Cartoon. Cars kids Police. Cartoon Trucks.Animation Cartoons for children.

Handy-Andy (puzzled):Yes. Therearereallymorefireworksnow. I’msurethatthoseonesaremine! Butthese 5…don’tunderstand. Ok, let’slaunchoneofthemandwe’llsee. They set fire to a burglar and go away. Fireworks explodes on the background of the night sky. It’s very beautiful. Emmy (delight):It’sjustamazing! Handy-Andy (amazed):Yeh, it was so beautiful! Greenskullwithslicksappearonthesky – that thrown firework exploded. The green parts of the skull do not scatter fly to the […]

Cars kids Police. Cartoon Police officer. Police Car for kids. Police for children. Police car race

Cars kids Police. Cartoon Police officer. Police Car for kids. Police for children. Police car race It very late outside. Everybody is sleeping. Silence everywhere. But something is happening in Handy-Andy’s house. There is a noise over there. The light is on there now. Handy-Andy. What happened?! I was awake because of loud noise! It […]

Cartoon with Police Cars. Police Car for kids Cartoon. Truck children. Cars children Cartoon.

Emmy (seriously): They say that these storms can influence the speed of perception. You need to be careful driving! Handy-Andy (calm): Emmy, geomagnetic storms are a scientific fact. (further behind the frame) they occur due to the collision of solar wind currents with the magnetosphere of the Earth. And they affect the amplification of the […]