Police for children. Cartoon with Police Cars. Cartoon Cars. Engine for kids.

Handy-Andy (worried): Yes, MajorHarry! Noway! I’mcoming!
They jump fast into the car and drive away. Police station.
Major Harry (indignation): We’ve received the information about that mysterious scientist. However, someone crept into the Station, checked all cameras and deleted all information!
Emmy (worried): One of two things … .ither there was a leak of information or …
Handy-Andy (grimly): … it can be someone among us …
Major Harry (indignation): Anyway, we’ve lost the information. They also worked on the server in the office. And we don’t have the data anymore! Where were you, Handy-Andy, at that time? Didn’t you see anyone suspicious?
Handy-Andy (worried): Me … … I was exactly ……. I don’t remember …
Emmy (stating): Magneticstorms.
Handy-Andy (nervous): Don’tstart. Something wrong is going on here … We need to find out what!
Handy-Andy, Emmy and Major are in the room. Thereisachairwithlatches and sensors. Handy-Andy is sitting on the chair. He is tied and has sensors on him. There are wires from the chair to the screens and knobs.
Emmy (worried): Maybe we shouldn’t …
Handy-Andy (calm): It’s not dangerous! Major, count to 3, you alternately lower the two switches and in a second raise them.
Major Harry (worried): Andwhatwillhappen?
Handy-Andy (lively): My brain will receive an impulse and activate the lost memory.
Major lowers and raises switches.
Emmy (worried): Seems like nothing happen …
Handy-Andy (ironically): Didyouexpecttoseethefireworks? ThemainthingthatIremembered!
Major’s office.
Handy-Andy (seriously): It was me, who deleted the information!
Major Harry (shocked): How?
Handy-Andy (worried): I was hypnotized! However, I had read the Professor’s file before I destroyed it! He is a very dangerous criminal and is capable of horrible things, but most important … He is the brother of Boss – the most dangerous criminal and villain in our city!
Emmy (indignation): It means that they will not stop trying to release Boss from the prison …
Major Harry (indignation): The same like the attempts to capture the city …
MajorHarry (puzzled): Whatanonsense. Doesanyonehaveideaswhatisgoingonhere?
Officer (ironically): Someone decided to open the Distorting mirror attraction (or funhouse mirror) !?
Handy-Andy (ironically, thoughtfully): Or likes to look at themselves in a mirror …
Major Harry (annoyed): Very funny!
Handy-Andy (serious): Sorry, Major! Isitknownwhatwasinthosescrolls?
MajorHarry (puzzled): Not yet … We are waiting for the respond of professor. He is on an expedition …
Officer (thoughtfully): We have more questions than answers …
Handy-Andy (significantly): Ithinkit’snotforalongtime. Banditswillmakenextstepsoon.
Some ruin. Assistantmovesmirrorsonthewheels. She is trying to make the corridor with a slope to one side. Weseeprofessorfromhisback. Hehasabigbluesapphireinhishands.
Professor (impatiently): Abitto the left! Thenextoneistotheright. No. To 5 degrees! Herewego!
Assistant Irma (freakishly): Maybe now you can tell me your plan?
Professor (ominously): I will when it is the right time. Demonic laughter
Police station. Major is standing with sheets of paper in his hands.
Major Harry (in horror): We’ve got the answer from professor! There is an instruction for creating a dematerializing beam in those scrolls!
Officer (scared): Is it the one that dissolves objects?
Handy-Andy (thoughtfully): I would say, decomposes into atoms … but isn’t it a science fiction?
Major Harry (in confusion): I guess, yes …
Handy-Andy (worried): But?
Major Harry (nervous): However, what if bandits are able to do it? Here is the scrolls content.
Handy-Andy (puzzled) Hmm … In general, everything looks very logical, and now it’s clear why they need a mirror! (further behind the frame) This device consists of a mirror corridor, passing through which, a huge beam of moonlight is directed to the sapphire and, passing through it, splits matter!
Go back to the police station.
Officer (inindignation): I checked the reports. A month ago, a suitable sapphire was stolen from one museum!
Handy-Andy and Major Harry scream at the same time with horror
Handy-Andy (in shock): With such weapons, bandits can … capture the world …
Major Harry (resolutely): And today is the full moon! We need to stop them! Handy-Andy (nervously): There are three places in the city suitable for this experiment, but there is not much time left!
Officer (resolutely): We’ll send patrols, and you take Megamax and look at everything from the air!
Handy-Andy (resolutely): All right! The cars are moving away from the Police station. Megamax flies over the city.
Officer: Major, we surveyed half the city – but nothing suspicious was found!

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